Monday, August 4, 2014

Kim Kauffman - Moving Beyond Realistic Interpretation

Finding the special in the ordinary comes naturally to photographer, Kim Kauffman. She has found her own unique way to translate her dual passions of photography and gardening into stunning imagery that simply begs to be noticed. We are thrilled to introduce Kim's striking artistic vision to Tustin!

A Peaceful Place, photography by Kim Kauffman
Kim continues the tradition of botanical discovery that blossomed in the 1600 and 1700's with artistic documentation of horticultural treasures found by European travelers. Her photographic series, Florilegium, pays homage to those explorers and travelers with its name, meaning "a gathering of flowers." These images evolved along with her growth as a curious artist and an avid gardener. Kim is drawn to her garden for the lessons nature affords if one simply slows down and looks. Flowers, leaves, seed pods and other objects collected from the environment provide her with the building blocks of her cameraless and filmless photographs.

Blue Clematis, photography by Kim Kauffman
How can a photograph be both cameraless and filmless, you might wonder? Kim has developed a special technique that utilizes both a flatbed scanner and digital process that she's been working with since the late 1990's. You might be surprised to consider that cameraless photographic techniques have been around since the birth of photography! Kim has taken inspiration from techniques of the 1830's and 40's developed by William Henry Fox Talbot and Anna Atkins. Anna is considered by some to be the world's first female photographer.

Equipoise, photography by Kim Kauffman
Images from the Florilegium series are composed of multiple layers that present a specimen straight from Kim's imagination. New environments emerge from these layers over time, much like a garden that is continually renewing itself. Each building block of the final image is carefully considered for its texture, color and pattern, and assembled into a photo collage that invites us to appraise with the eyes of a gardener and wonder with the eyes of an explorer.

Come in and discover these beautiful photographs for yourself, or preview on our website

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Bonnie Holmes Skincare: Natural Luxury

August comes around but once a year and we can't wait because August is Bonnie Holmes Skincare Month!! Pamper yourself with Bonnie's spa-quality cremes, cleansers, masques and scrubs. Plus, from now until August 31st, enjoy *20% off her entire line! Now that is luxurious! Can't choose which items to use? We'll give you samples to take home and try out!

Bonnie's gentle skin care line is available exclusively at Chemers Gallery. We even use her products! Karen loves the Original Skin Creme for daytime use, the Super-Rich Creme at night and Perfect Balm all day long.  Jennifer favors a once-weekly exfoliation with Roll-Away Creme followed by a spritz of Skin Refreshment. Shirley prefers Mineral Skin Polish for a quick, deep cleanse and uses the Clay Refining Masque when she wants to slow down and indulge.

Come in and choose your favorites today!

Midmorning: Island in the River
Bonnie doesn't just refresh your body, she also refreshes your spirit with her graceful plein air landscape paintings! Taking inspiration from her travels and the landscape around her home in San Juan Capistrano, Bonnie's oils are softly impressionistic in style.

Join Bonnie and 11 other artists as they demonstrate their artistic talents for you on Friday, August 15th from 5-8pm. Stroll Enderle Center and listen to live classic rock music performed by the Wight Litening Band!

*17% discount if paying by credit card

Lathering Facial Cleanser.....$36
A pH balanced water-soluble cleanser that gently lifts away makeup and impurities from the skin.

Creme Cleanser.....$38
The combination of water, glycerin, wheat germ oil, apple pectin and oils from California oranges makes this the ideal cleanser for drier, more mature skin types.

Skin Refreshment.....$39
Alcohol-free and packed with nutrients in a purified water base, Skin Refreshment restores depleted vitamins and minerals to the skin.

Sheer Skin Moisturizer.....$55
This is the ideal creme for all skin types, but will especially be enjoyed by those with more natural oils in their complexion.

Super-Rich Skin Creme.....$65
Packed with anti-oxidant nutrients to promote moisture and healing, this is creme is suited to drier, more sensitive and mature skin types.

Perfect Balm (previously Eyelid Balm).....$75
The delicate skin surrounding the eyes gets ultimate support and protection from this blend of vitamin e, grape seed extract, aloe vera and evening primrose oil. Previously known as Eyelid Balm, this product has gone from .25oz to 1oz - wow!

Original Skin Creme.....$55
Ideal for skin that's sun damaged or over 30, Original Skin Creme contains an alpha hydroxy acid that increases skin's metabolism leads to younger-looking complexion.

Clay Refining Masque.....$35
Denser than traditional clay masques, the Clay Refining Masque has been specially formulated to dry slower to allow the skin to absorb as many nutrients from the clay as possible.

Mineral Skin Polish.....$45
An ultra-fine pumice exfolient meant for everyday use, Mineral Skin Polish helps to prevent the build up of dead skin cells and leaves your face smelling rosy.

Roll-Away Creme.....$68
A light exfolient that adheres to the dead skin cell buildup on the skin's surface and leaves skin feeling soft and fresh.

Therapeutic Sinus Toner.....$40

Serious Sunblock.....$25
Contains SPF 25 and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Satin Body & Bath Oil.....$49
Almond-scented body oil enhances moisture retention when used regularly while skin is still damp and doesn't leave skin feeling oily.

Monday, July 21, 2014

It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

Tiger Lily Necklace by Ayala Bar

The new season of Ayala Bar jewelry has finally arrived, and believe us, it does not disappoint! Heading into Fall/Winter (hard to believe when it's still so dang hot!) the new collection dazzles with earthy colors, lush jewel-tones and a smattering of all-new shapes and sizes. As if all that weren't enough, the talented Ms. Bar has created a new style collection made from mostly silver pieces with tiny accents in muted greens, golds and pinks. Can you say LOVE??

Rosario Necklace by Ayala Bar
With a background in set and costume design, is it any wonder that Ayala's creations carry a theatrical flair? Instantly recognizable, we see over and over how people flip for her unique necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Some clients have collected her work for years - we even know a woman who brings her earring collection in for a little show-and-tell from time to time!

Amaranth Earrings by Ayala Bar

As always, these beauties are available for a limited time - only 6 months! You can see a sampling of what's available on our website, and there's more to love in person at #ChemersGallery. Hurry in before they're gone! #AyalaBar

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nothing Says Summer Like Art & Music!

Summer is in full swing at Chemers Gallery, and that means artist demonstrations and live music around these parts! Mark your calendars for the Enderle Center Summer Concert Series and Artist Demonstrations at Chemers Gallery! Events are happening the third FRIDAY July through September from 5-8pm.

August 15, 5-8pm
Wight Litening play Classic Rock
Wight Litening - click here to listen!
There's nothing like a night spent dancing along to your favorite Classic and Modern Rock hits! Local band Wight Litening originally got together in the '70s and have kept their musical stylings going strong!

Plus special artist demonstrations from the following artists at Chemers Gallery:
Lorraine Bubar - papercut | Dana Cooper - oil |  Suzanne Currie - mixed media
Dori Dewberry - pastel | Bonnie Holmes - oi
Susan Horton - weaving | Steve Kell - oil
Ian Montelongo - acrylic | Soraya Montelongo - beaded jewerly
Pete Roberts - watercolor | Kim Vanderhoek - oil | Jim Wodark - oil
More TBA!

September 19, 5-8pm
Ricardo Valenzuela & Friends play Oldies
Sorry - no artist demos this month!

Say goodbye to the endless summer with Ricardo Valenzuela & Friends! Sing along to your favorite hits of the '50s, '60s and '70s as we bring the Enderle Center Summer Concert Series to a close for another year.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Enjoying the View

Last week's opening reception for Viewpoints: Orange County All Media 2014 was such a success, and we couldn't have done it without our talented participating artists, wonderful volunteers and YOU, our loyal fans! The house was packed! Special thanks to Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts (TACFA) and Enderle Center for helping to sponsor our 7th annual showing of amateur and professional artists.

Viewpoints is up for another week, so hurry in! PLUS we'll be joined by 12 of the participating artists on Saturday, May 10th for special painting demos!

Here's just a taste of what the artist reception & awards ceremony was like:

Ian Montelongo discusses his painting techniques with our friend Jeff

What a crowd!

Steve takes in Lore Hold's prize winning painting
Fellow artists Pamela Panattoni, Max Ollendorff and Jim Wodark meet and mingle

Shelby Montelongo with her trusty camera

Art discussions among artists Ian Montelongo, Lisa Mozzini-McDill, Rita Pacheco and Michael Ward

Honorable Mention winner Kim VanDerHoek with her daughter, Lily, TACFA President Bonnie Atzeff and Chemers Gallery owner Karen Raab
Bonnie Atzeff introduces TACFA
The ever-lovely Rita Chemers

Karen Raab and Rita Chemers with artist Max Ollendorff
Karen Raab and Bonnie Atzeff with 1st Place Professional Winner Michael Ward

Pastel artist & Enderle Center Choice winner Dori Dewberry making new friends with Dick and Marg
For a chance to watch some of these talented artists do what they do best, join us Saturday, May 10th from 2 - 5p!

Sherry Marger . Max Ollendorff . April Raber . Pete Roberts 
Janine Salzman . Kelley Sanford . Kim VanDerHoek

Monday, March 24, 2014

Announcing Viewpoints: Orange County All Media 2014

Updated 4/22/14
 Chemers Gallery and Tustin Area Council for Fine Art (TACFA)* present
Viewpoints: Orange County All Media 2014
Juror: Jim Wodark
Crystal Cove Morning Stroll, pastel by Dori Dewberry
Artist Reception April 26th 5:30 - 8:00p
Show continues through May 10th
Please join us for special artist demos:
Sat. May 3 - 2p - 5p
Ian Montelongo, Soraya Montelongo, Sandra Morrison, Lisa Mozzini-McDill
Erich Neubert, Paige Oden, Kathleen Strukoff, Michael Ward, Jim Wodark
and enjoy the music of the Laguna Swing Society at
Enderle Center's Spring Swing

Sat. May 10 - 2p - 5p
Steve Kell, Sherry Marger, Max Ollendorff, Pete Roberts, Janine Salzman
Kelley Sanford, Kim VanDerHoek

Chemers Gallery and Tustin Area Council for Fine Art (TACFA) have joined forces to bring you Viewpoints: Orange County All Media 2014,  the 7th annual juried show of professional and amateur artists from around southern California. With the help of 49 artists and one tough juror we present 70 unique viewpoints of Orange County from north to south!

The growth of this exhibition over 7 years has been astounding - we've gotten more entries this year than ever before! Jim Wodark, juror and artist extraordinaire, accepted the challenge to select this year's participating entries from almost 140. (You may remember Jim's 1st Place painting from last year's show...) Everything from architecture to seascapes, abstract to traditional was considered. Featured artworks include oils, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, photography, glass, mixed media and even beadwork! We think you'll agree, this is an exhibit not to be missed.

Come on in to discover a new favorite vista or two and meet the artists at the opening reception Saturday, April 26th from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.  If you can't make it that evening, you can still catch the show through May 10th. 

All works are available for sale and can be previewed on our website
or in person after April 23rd.

Windbreak, oil by Linda Rogers

Participating Artists
Robert Ball | Roger Bennett | Steve Bjorkman | Gary Blackwell | Dorothy Cavanagh
Jean Choi | Dana Cooper | William Crawley | Barbara Davidson | Rick Delanty 
Dori Dewberry | Kay Flierl | Candace Foster | Deborah Harold | Julie Hill
 Thomas Hill | Irene Horiuchi | Mark Hosmer | Esther Jacks | Steve Kell | Greg LaRock
Susan Marosz | Emet Martinez | Ian Montelongo | Soraya Montelongo
 Lisa Mozzini-McDill | Erich Neubert | Paige Oden | Rita Pacheco
Pamela Panattoni | April Raber | Richard Rice | Pete Roberts
Linda Rogers | Sharyn Sakimoto | Janine Salzman | Kelley Sanford | John Sawyer 
Albert Stanchfield | Kathleen Strukoff | Kim VanDerHoek | Michael Ward

Lore Hold | Sherry Marger | Shelby Montelongo
Sandra Morrison | Max Ollendorff | Ursula Olsson

Stay tuned for updated information as we get closer to the artist's reception!
A special thank you to Enderle Center and TACFA for helping to sponsor this exhibit!

Plus, come in Saturday, May 3rd and 10th to watch these talented artists 
demonstrate their abilities from 2-5pm

*Founded in 1992, the Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts (TACFA) funds and administers programs which expand the arts in the greater Tustin, California area, and enrich the entire community. The Council raises funds through individual and corporate contributions and fundraising events. These funds subsidize elementary students' participation in The Art Masters program, support students' creativity and interest in the arts, and allow TACFA to produce an annual affordable and live production of a classic Broadway musical at a local outdoor venue.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Designs on Framing

At Chemers Gallery, it's all about the art, but we bet you didn't realize that we consider the framing to be a part of that! Custom framing is an art form in itself, and we strive to create just the right tone to fit not only your artwork but your life as well.

We love it when new mouldings are introduced - our imagination runs wild with the sheer scale of possibilities that open up. Over the years we've seen trends come and go and return once again. We've also seen some crazy ideas that just might work. (Remember when we brought badass to the OC??)

We're always searching for the latest and greatest trends to share with you, and we were shell-shocked with how gorgeous this one is! That's right, a veneer of mother-of-pearl shell creates soft translucence in three finishes and sizes. Available in shimmery white, champagne gold and, well, think of a glistening sea urchin for the third color! You'll just have to see what we're talking about in person. Perfectly elegant for bridal portraits and vanity mirrors and absolutely adorable for baby snaps, these frames are sure to make a splash.

Tortoise Shell
Speaking of shell, faux tortoise shell is back and better than ever! Frames like these haven't been available for about a decade, and we're thrilled to see their return. Elegant and stately, they make us think of manor homes, men's smoking rooms and natural history museums. Thoroughly suited for antique prints including botanical and Audubon style, the depth of color lends a richness to the presentation and elevates your art to the next level.
What's old is new again - the "reclaimed" wood look has been reclaimed in today's shapes and colors! Rustic with a modern twist, these beautifully textured mouldings look like they've led former lives as wine barrels, barn siding, and factory flooring. Clean lines fit in with the current feel for simple shape and form. We can see these frames on folk art and seascapes, giving a real period look to the finished product.

We've seen color remaining strong despite a 10 year hiatus, and there are some vibrantly playful frames keeping pace! New on the scene are acrylic mouldings that can be easily personalized in more than 80 colors to exactly fit your style. Choose a glossy or frosted finish in single, double and now, even triple color - patterned frames are also available! Vivid hues provide a real pop of personality.  The possibilities are endless to turn your treasures into a work of art that's as unique as you are.

Welded Steel
We continue on with our color trends
to an unlikely material for picture framing - painted welded steel! Cool and modern with an industrial edge, these new frames are surprisingly versatile, fit for anything from movie posters and abstracts to the more traditional "slice of life" and even plein air. Scrubbed & sanded antiquing keeps the look from being too finished. Available in as many color combinations as you can imagine, we dare you to try this look out! 

As a lucky-strike extra, the first 20 people who come in, even just to look, and mention this blog will get a free SoapRock!

All natural glycerine soaps, made in America!


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